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  • Are global equities technically still overbought?

  • Is the recent spike in bond yields becoming a headwind?

  • What do currently overstretched equity valuations imply for long term returns?


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Our new report will help you find the islands of opportunity you’re looking for.

When you’re faced with volatile markets, macroeconomic research can give you the insight and investment ideas you need to make the best possible choices.


We help you answer crucial questions:

• When will a market correction take place?
• Where will growth accelerate?
• How will rate hikes affect markets?


And more. Whether your focus is U.S. equities, emerging markets or all asset classes, our research strategies are tailored to your challenges.

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Since 1949, we’ve supplied independent, rigorous and thought-provoking macro research to the global investment industry. Our clients range from names you see in the news every day to those known only to industry experts.

Our in-depth, long-term research informs the strategies we recommend, the market analysis we publish and the forecasts we stand by. We’ve been here to help three generations of investment professionals. And our focus on the changing needs of our clients means we’ll be here for the next three.

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