Our latest research will answer your questions - and help you find new opportunities:

  • Is global growth decelerating?
  • What impact will trade war have on the markets?

  • Can you rely on "policy puts?".

    • Should you favor developed market equities over their EM counterparts?

Stay ahead of the markets.

Get the complete research - Q3 2018 Strategy Outlook: The Beginning of the End.

When you’re faced with a complex landscape of risk and opportunity, macroeconomic research can give you the insight and investment ideas you need to make the best possible choices.


We help you answer crucial questions:

• When will interest rates increase?
• Where will growth accelerate?
• What's the relationship between jobs and the next recession?


And more. Whether your focus is U.S. equities, emerging markets bonds or all asset classes, our research strategies are tailored to your challenges.

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How we help

Since 1949, we’ve supplied independent, rigorous and thought-provoking macro research to the global investment industry. Our clients range from names you see in the news every day to those known only to industry experts.

Our in-depth, long-term research informs the strategies we recommend, the market analysis we publish and the forecasts we stand by. We’ve been here to help three generations of investment professionals. And our focus on the changing needs of our clients means we’ll be here for the next three.

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research since 1949.

Our mission is to help you make better investment decisions by delivering analysis and forecasts of all major asset classes and economies.

Over 70 research staff, including 20 chief strategists

Over 160,000 data series, proprietary models and leading indicators

Equity and ETF models that have generated returns consistently above major averages over the last 20 years

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