Our Investment conference has some of the best investment talks of the year and that’s why investors travel from all corners of the globe to be there. This year’s conference ‘Credit and Market: What's Next?’ will cover a broad spectrum of the most important challenges and opportunities which are facing investors today. 

Day 1

Thursday 26 September 
Opening Remarks

Martin Barnes: Chief Economist & Conference Co-Chair, BCA Research

Global Macro Challenges

Richard Koo: Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute

Peter Berezin: Chief Global Strategist, BCA Research

Moderator: Martin Barnes

The Future of Europe: A Debate

Russell Napier: Professor & Co-Founder of the Investment Research Website, ERIC
Valérie Plagnol: CEO, Vision & Perspectives

Moderator: Dhaval Joshi, Chief European Investment Strategist, BCA Research
The 2020 U.S. Election: What To Expect

Anthony Scaramucci: Founder and Co-Managing Partner, SkyBridge Capital

The Risks to Financial Stability

Nellie Liang: Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution
Mark Zandi: Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics

Moderator: Ryan Swift, U.S. Bond Strategist, BCA Research
Prospects for Currencies and Fixed Income

Jens Nordvig: Founder & CEO at Exante Data Inc.
Alberto Gallo: Partner and Head of Global Macro Strategies, Algebris Investments

Moderator: Rob Robis, Chief Global Fixed Income Strategist, BCA Research
Where to Invest

Lisa Shalett: Chief Investment Officer and Head of Wealth Management Investment Resources, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Amy Raskin: Chief Investment Officer, Chevy Chase Trust

Moderator: Garry Evans, Chief Global Asset Allocation Strategist, BCA Research


Day 2

Friday 27 September 
The Economic and Policy Outlook

William Dudley: President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Vice-Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee (2009-2018)

Moderator: Caroline Miller, Chief Global Strategist & Conference Co-Chair, BCA Research
The Global Outlook: Geopolitical, Economic, and Financial Uncertainties On The Horizon

Raghuram Rajan: Professor of Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Moderator: Martin Barnes
Emerging Markets: Risks and Opportunities

Ruchir Sharma: Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Moderator: Caroline Miller
Lunch: What's Next For China?

Michael Pillsbury: Senior Fellow and Director for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute

The Case for Modern Monetary Theory

Stephanie Kelton: Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Stony Brook University

Moderator: Peter Berezin
The Investment Implications of Technological Disruption

Max Tegmark: Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Moderator: Peter Berezin
Geopolitics: What Will Matter for Markets?

Marko Papic: Partner & Chief Strategist at Clocktower Group

Moderator: Martin Barnes


NEW YORK CITY, GRAND HYATT | 26-27 September