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With our new resources, Financial Advisers, Wealth Managers and RIAs can help clients even more.


  • We connect you to the markets with easy-to-implement resources that take you from the macro picture to stock selection.  
  • You can validate your ideas, compare ETFs, screen the stock market for outperformers and get market insights to share with your clients - all in one place.  

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Find, Analyze and Compare ETFs

Identify The Most Attractive Stocks

Our Global ETF Strategy brings diverse and relevant data into an easy-to-use, customizable digital platform that features our model portfolios.

  • With over 160,000 data series, we control detailed historical data, including countless proprietary indicators and predictive economic models.
  • Our Global ETF Strategy translates our views into live pools of securities you can track in real time. The rationale behind our selections shows you how we convert macro analysis into micro portfolio decisions.

We’ve created a web-based platform that lets you find and rank  13,000 individual stocks using 27 quantitative factors. Our database covers all the major stock markets, so you can identify the most attractive stocks.


  • With ETS you can link macro views to highly-rated stocks.
  • You can also visualize the market and screen for potential outperformers.
  • If you want to analyze the risk and performance of a strategy over time, you can.

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