With a record number of conferences happening across the globe, it’s a valid question to ask which investment conference should I attend this year? We’re not going to tell why you should only attend our New York Investment Conference but we are going to outline what makes BCA’s investment conference different and why previous delegates say it’s ‘the best conference out there’.


Firstly, it’s an unbelievable opportunity to learn global investment strategies from the experts. Starting 25 September 2017, we will have 23 expert speakers who are there to pass on their own knowledge and to keep you entertained. They are all compelling presenters but the actual data and information they have at their fingertips isn’t out there in the public domain, it’s the by-product of years of investment experience and conquering difficult situations and markets. We’re confident there are key takeaways for every attendee and everyone should go home with new investment ideas.


Secondly the event is backed by us, BCA Research, the world’s leading independent research firm. Our BCA strategists will also share their insights and ideas. This means our events are packed with insightful data points, statistics and qualitative assessments you would expect at a global investment conference.  
Attending BCA’s Investment Conference will earn you 13 CE credit hours under the guidelines of the CFA Institute Continuing Education Program, over half of your annual continuing education requirement. 


Finally the ambience and experience over the course of our two-day conference is always fantastic.  Our New York Conference attracts investors from the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.
Not only is it a great opportunity to learn global investment strategies from our experts and meet others across the investment community, it’s a place where people come together to share stories and investment ideas. 


Years of investment experience at your fingertips


Network with the investment community and share stories

CE Credits

Earn CFA Institute Continuing Education Credits

New Ideas

Key takeaways and new investment ideas for every attendee


BCA strategists will share their insights and ideas


Insightful data points, statistics and qualitative assessments


Learn global investment strategies from the experts


Tickets include Lunch, Dinner and a Cocktail Reception 

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